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Co-operatives and Mutuals make an important contribution to the national economy and community development of Australia. They are organisations that are owned, controlled and used by their members primarily for the mutual economic, social or cultural benefit of those members.

The values of member-owned business and community support are closely aligned to Barrack Broking’s values, and we are proud to support these groups through our partnership with the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals, Australia’s only peak body for co-operatives and mutuals across all industries.

The key risks for Co-operatives and Mutual Enterprises (CME’s)

While CME’s operate across most industry sectors, they are united by a legal framework and mandate to benefit their members. It is this legal framework that creates unique operational and regulatory risks for CME’s.

How we can help

Barrack Broking has significant professional experience of how co-operatives and mutuals work. Our experience and application of the Barrack Broking Principles assists us to:
In doing so, we help our CME clients deliver value to their members with confidence.
Case study:

Harnessing Mutual benefits for health professionals

Barrack Broking has assisted a group of health professionals to review their risk and insurance arrangements. Our detailed review of their existing corporate structure and insurance arrangements revealed that the group’s insurance needs could be better met by Alternative Risk Transfer (ART). Individually the health professionals were adequately insured. As a group, however, there were significant opportunities available to them were not being harnessed.
Barrack Broking worked closely with the client to put in place an Insurance Program Strategy to realise that value. This involved:
Detailed questioning to develop a clear understanding of the group’s needs and member priorities. This resulted in an Alternative Risk Transfer feasibility study.
Analysing the group’s underwriting and claims performance. This analysis identified and demonstrated opportunities available through a mutual approach to risk management and protection.

Our approach provided a fresh perspective to their risk management and insurance broking needs. Through an ART solution, they would be able to protect their businesses risks, and maintain greater their control over terms of coverage and claims.

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