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The insurance market for Australian Ski Lodges is in a hard market cycle. Two prominent insurers have recently exited the sector, leaving many Ski Lodges uninsured. Additional supply of insurer capacity from new underwriters has been slow due to a hardening insurance market globally, the increasing threat of catastrophic losses, such as bushfire and other weather events, and a large loss at Selwyn Ski Resort.

Despite these market challenges, Barrack Broking has been successful in helping Ski Lodges and other owners of alpine accommodation property to better manage their risk and access insurance solutions

How we can help

We are insurance experts for Australian alpine accommodation risks, such as Ski Lodges, Alpine Lodges, Ski Resorts and other business risks above the alpine snow line.

In our experience Australian Ski Lodges share many common features, although there are unique aspects to every property risk. Through applying our Barrack Broking Principles these unique aspects are considered in our tailored approach to risk management, which allows the strengths of your risk to be identified and highlighted to the insurance market

Following our methodology, we will:

This approach allows us to present your Ski Lodge to a wider range of insurers and in the best possible light, which will help you obtain coverage in a market where insurer capacity is scarce.

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