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Agribusiness, Food & Beverage

There is a range of well-publicised challenges facing the agriculture and food and beverage sector in Australia. The ongoing challenges of climate change and drought conditions alone bring about property damage, the loss of crops and livestock, and increased costs for water, feed, and other Transport production expenses.

In response, the sector is introducing new technology to create more efficient and sustainable practices. Internet of Things technology, improved data collection and analysis, and renewable energy sources are gradually changing farming practices. These innovations are changing the risk exposure of the food production industries.

The limited number of insurers servicing the insurance needs of the sector is an additional challenge, with costly policies offering limited coverage where it’s needed most.

How we can help

Applying our Barrack Broking Principles, our primary focus is on understanding your agribusiness, food & beverage so that the advice we give helps you achieve your business objectives. This involves:

We add value and eliminate unnecessary insurance costs by adopting practical risk management strategies before designing any insurance solution. By taking control of some of your manageable risks, we can achieve the right insurance coverage solution at the right price for those risks that must be insured.
Case study:

Protecting investment in Australian agriculture

An overseas agricultural investment business invested in Australia for the first time. They had purchased Queensland sugarcane properties with the vision of repurposing them to macadamia plantations. In rehabilitating the land and establishing the plantations, the business sought to mitigate risks by:
We worked in partnership to establish:
Our approach ensured that the risks and the associated insurance costs were minimised. We provided certainty to the client and its investors that their Australian investments were protected.
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