General Insurance Broking

As your insurance broker, we act on your behalf in all dealings with the insurance market.

What sets us apart as a broker is our ability to:

We apply our research, technical expertise and energy to go the extra mile to make this happen.

At Barrack Broking, our general insurance broking goes beyond procuring a policy. From the outset, we develop an Insurance Program Strategy to ensure that your current and future business risks will be covered by your policies.

Insurance Program Strategy

The objective of our Insurance Program Strategy is to design the most effective cost and coverage options for your insurance needs.

We do this by:

With your Insurance Program Strategy in place, you will have comfort that your insurance program meets your risk needs and does not include exclusions or a policy structure that conflicts with your business structure and/or risk profile.

Insurance market proposal, negotiation and placement

This involves implementing your preferred program strategy.

Implementation involves working with you to:

After our initial insurance pricing negotiations with the preferred underwriters we will discuss and agree with you on a placement strategy to achieve the most cost effective outcome. At this point we will present you with:


As your broker, we have a fiduciary duty to act in your best interests and be your advocate in negotiating your contract with the insurer.

In leading the brokering process, we take charge of:

We understand that your risk profile from one renewal period to another may change. From the outset of our engagement we will mould our service delivery around your needs and requirements – giving you as much or as little engagement throughout the year as required.

Our experience

We have experience with a broad range of insurances from:

Summary of how
we can help

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For more information or to seek our help, please contact our specialist team at Barrack Broking.
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