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The Barrack Broking team is proud to announce our partnership with Malpa. Founded to address the vast inequality in health between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians, Malpa has developed a unique, innovative, culturally derived, community centred approach to achieving strong health and well-being outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The Malpa ‘Young Doctors Project’ enables communities to take charge of their own health and education outcomes creating transformative health change and contributing to reconciliation. Malpa’s approach, which focusses on both health and education, really resonates with Barrack Broking’s team.

We will provide ongoing pro bono risk consulting services, and insurance support to help Malpa in meeting its objectives. To learn more about Malpa’s work we’d encourage you to check out their website – If you’d like to offer support or contribute to the important work that Malpa does please contact us, and we’ll arrange an introduction.


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